Mom Brain

This morning I was reaaaaaaaaaaaally looking forward to a nice cup of coffee. So I ran my Keurig. And proceeded back to making my smoothie. And then I looked over and remembered I forgot the mug. Oops. Liquid gold pouring e’rywhere. The counter, the floor, the sink, the oven, the stove…you name it, it got its morning jolt.

Mom brain is legit.

And maybe if I had already had my morning cup, none of that would have happened.


That’s me. Except there was no mug involved and I’m not wearing a suit and tie, but rather some sexy pj pants and a torn up sweatshirt that hubby wants to burn.

One thought on “Mom Brain

  1. Forgetting a mug is legit. I’m going to burn down my house… Since the babies (almost 6 months) I can never remember to turn of the toaster, the oven, the stove burners. I’ve now made my self a note.

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