She Eats!

Image(Profile pictures really highlight my child’s lovely reverse mullet.)

Who is this kid? Did someone swap theirs with mine? Apparently I don’t have a picky eater after all! I just have a stubborn, headstrong girl who knows what she likes and wants to assert her control (for those who know me – sound familiar?). Dislikes? Being spoon fed. Likes? Eating what we eat, feeding herself, and having her puree pouches squeezed directly into her mouth (and attempting to do it herself). Yes, I do realize that last one is weird. But she’s weird. Also, I’m not allowed to watch her. I think she feels secretly I’m judging her for being messy and for packing away as much as she does. Before the food struggle had me so frustrated, I was only giving her dinner, because breakfast and lunch were write-offs 95% of the time. But the last two days I’ve given her food at all three meals, and made sure they coincide with when I eat. You know, trying to create that healthy, relaxed environment that’s conducive to actually enjoying food. And it worked! While I have my cereal and blueberries, she face palms some cereal and banana pieces, and then we share a yogurt. It’s super cute. At lunch, I’ll eat a turkey and avocado sandwich, and she’ll have avocado mushed onto toast. And for dinner, she’s eaten pieces of turkey and cubed sweet potato from a stew I made. A lot of it ends up on the floor, in the chair and bib, and all over her clothes, but I’m just so happy she’s eating; I don’t even mind the mess!

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