My Little Heifer

Who is this kid? Did someone come to my house and do a baby swap? O is in full on heifer mode, and can I just say that no longer crumbling to the floor and curling up into the fetal position after a meal feels like…really nice? (Side note: never actually call your kid a heifer. Yesterday the teacher at Gymboree told me a story of a mom who would feed her 16 month old after class, and every time the kid asked for more food, she’d say “Here’s some more heifer. Enjoy eating it, you heifer.” Umm..seriously? Hello future Anorexics of America (errr…Canada). Anyway, here’s what our meal schedule typically looks like:

6:30-7 am wake up – 6-8 ounce bottle depending on how hungry she is. She usually wants 8 ounces but it makes a real breakfast impossible. That being said, I give her what she wants after 12 hours of no food. If a massive bottle is what she wants, a massive bottle she’ll get.

7:30-8 am Light breakfast of a few cheerios and blueberries

10 am – Real breakfast of yogurt or cottage cheese, and/or fruit

11 am – small bottle

12 pm-1 pm Lunch of toast and avocado (or nut butter), and probably more fruit or some veg puree

3 pm – small bottle followed by a snack of mum mums or puffs or baby cookie

5-6 pm – Dinner (where most of the real eating goes down) Lately it’s been meat and veggie purees (she loves Baby Gourmet Sweet Potato, Chicken and Apple, and also Hearty Turkey Vegetable), followed by some prunes (necessary now that she’s upped her solid intake), and then another baby cookie for dessert. Sprinkle in some table food in there as well (Yesterday it was quinoa and broccoli, which she DEVOURED).

We always do puree before table food, to ensure that she’s actually getting filled up, because the table food is just for pincer grasp practice and developing her taste buds. Up until now, she’d eat maybe 1/3 of the meat pouch tops. Suddenly she can finish off a whole one! No idea how that happened. I refuse to believe cutting down her formula by 4 ounces made this happen. I want to think it’s just because she’s getting older, her stomach is stretching, and her palate is maturing. Also, the best part of her enjoying food? The noises! Amazing. If she likes something, she’ll go “nein nein nein nein nein” while she chews it, and that little German baby makes my heart melt. I’ve also let her taste pizza and birthday cake at a party this past weekend, and her reactions were priceless (you can call CAS on me for this one). Feeding her is now a pleasure and not a chore, and I can’t wait to keep introducing new foods to her.


Eating pizza at the scene of the crime, where food was left under the high chair

O’s no eat list:

Eggs (even with cheese)


Baby cereals

Question for the mamas out there: When did you stop giving purees altogether?

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