Parenting in the Public Eye

Ooooooh boy, you guys. I’m totally going to get sued for this one. Or at the very least, a cease and desist letter.

This is a post about Beyonce.

Yep. Queen Bey. And we all know how her and the Illuminati run the media and can block anyone and everyone from publishing photos of her that are in poor taste. Regardless, I want to show you something.

ImageThis, friends, is a picture of Beyonce trying to boil her baby. In a hot tub. Perhaps I’m in the clear, since it’s a photo that she had taken, and posted to her tumblr. She looks hot, yes. But so does her little girl. Because you DON’T PUT A BABY IN A HOT TUB. No matter how private and pristine, that shit has bacteria out the wazoo, and damn woman, it’s HOT. Apparently this isn’t logic though, because once someone on the mom group I used to belong to *did* ask if it was okay to bring her 3 month old into the hot tub.

ImagePlease stop procreating.

Okay okay, don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not mother of the year. And I’m not judging (ha, who am I kidding? I’m totally judging). But when you’re in the public eye, you really should just not parent. Let the nannies do their jobs, okay? Because you’re bound to do something stupid, and it will be scrutinized forevaaaaaa. Now immediately remove BIC (That’s Blue Ivy Carter for those of you who aren’t celeb whores like me) from the hot tub, and hand her back to her substitute mommies, mmkay Bey? Love you! Love your music! XO

2 thoughts on “Parenting in the Public Eye

  1. I go nuts when I stay at a hotel and find children playing in the hot tub! Grr! I want to knock on mom and dad’s heads and say, “HELLLLOOO, anyone home???”

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