Pregnancy Blows.

No, I’m not knocked up again. We all know I’m far too vain to let myself get fat again. But my best friend is (with identical twins no less), so I kind of feel like I’m reliving all the trauma and awful symptoms all over again.

If you’re a person who claims to love being pregnant, well, we probably can’t be friends. Why not, you ask (cuz, like, my friendship is so in demand and stuff)? Frankly because you’re obviously a pathological liar and I would never be able to trust you. No one loves being pregnant. Get real.

I really want O to have a sibling. And one that’s relatively close in age. But this pregnancy thing. Ughhhhhhhhhh. I just can’t bring myself to do it again right now. The pukes, the ‘roid rage, the cankles blown up to epic proportions, the perpetual popping of Tums…I just can’t. Sure it may have been 15 months ago, but I’ve only forgiven, not forgotten. When do you get to the point when you’ve sufficiently repressed the memories to give it another go? For some women, this never happens. Pregnancy or childbirth are so traumatizing that they’re more than happy to let their only child grow up without a playmate. I don’t want to be that mom. Help me get through this friends. Something along the lines of “You can dooooooo it!” That would be nice.

ImageUmm…ew. (Also this was literally the day before I went from “cute preggo” to “swollen/are you SURE I don’t have pre-eclampsia preggo.” Never again.

Confession of the day: At O’s 15 month check up I totally lied to the doctor and told him she can sort shapes. I’m 95% sure she can’t.

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2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Blows.

  1. Just came across your blog and while I don’t have any encouraging words, I can say I agree with you 100% on the whole pregnancy thing! I am so thankful for my little man, but he is almost 2 and I still feel traumatized from the whole process! I used to say anyone who says they felt good pregnant is either really tall or really didn’t feel too good before! Look forward to reading more!

    •’re so right about the really tall part. A colleague of mine is due any day with her first baby and she’s super tall and statuesque. Needless to say, she looks amazing and probably still feels as amazing. Not fair!

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