Toilets ‘n Tantrums (‘n Purses with Puppies)

Happy Saturday, friendships! I hope your week was as glorious as mine (I’m being beyond sarcastic right now, because both personally and professionally, my week has been utter bullshit).

A few days ago, O turned 16 months. And boy are some changes on the horizon. Suddenly my little baby is (a terrible) two, and frankly I didn’t sign up for this. My lovely daughter has been doing some super fun things lately, like refusing to eat dinner in the high chair (must.walk.while.eating), shaking her head no at EEEEEEEEEE’RYTHING, and hurling herself backwards and shrieking if we don’t give into her every whim. Even the teachers at her daycare have been asking what’s up. So I went to the daycare director and we had a chat. “I think it’s a combination of three things. Being sick (she has a cold), teething, and having grown out of the infant room. She’s not getting what she needs in there anymore. I think it’s time to transition her to the toddler room.” Whomp. Those two words I’ve been dreading for several months now. Toddler room. You guys…I hate change. Please don’t let this happen. Can we stage a sit in at the daycare and make them keep her in the infant room forever? She needs a crib! She needs her paci! She LIKES going for walks in the stroller and not playing in the playground! I saw the dreaded cots and yeah…DOWN WITH COTS! My baby isn’t ready to be out of a crib and play outside. I don’t care if she’s walking and talking and hurling and shrieking. Infant room 4 lyfe!

On the flip side of all this chaos though are some pretty cute 16 month old things. We bought O a Little People toy house for Hanukkah, and she’s obsessed with flushing the toilet on it and going “poo poo.” In fact, every time she’s around a human toilet, she’s also constantly repeating “poo poo poo poo.” This morning I put her on the toilet after she said it, and guess what? Nothing happened. I deluded myself into thinking she was asking to be potty trained. But alas, my kid just likes to talk about shit.

Another Hanukkah gift she got was a purse with a dog in it. I’ve mentioned previously that she’s obsessed with her accessories (bracelets, shoes, purses), so Bubwa and Zaida got her her very own handbag complete with puppy. She pets the puppy reaaaaal gently, and then hurls it out of the purse, and stuffs it with whatever snack she’s eating. A purse filled with Cheerios. Geez we’re similar.

Anyway, the message here should be crystal clear. If you have an infant, cherish that infant. When they become toddlers/real people, a lot of them become Chucky (or Bride of Chucky for the girls), and by then you’re in so deep that you just can’t give them back. Real talk.

Image“LET the cops pull me over for driving backwards while holding my purse and eating a snack. I’ll throw a tantrum so scary they’ll run for the hills!”

2 thoughts on “Toilets ‘n Tantrums (‘n Purses with Puppies)

  1. No worries about toddler room. Seriously. My daughter went in at 11.5 months and slept on the cot. I still can’t believe it. She is now 18 months and being sent to two year old room. With a paci to sleep but she likes the big kids. Your girl will be fine. Oh and the potty. Where do I start? Just break down and buy the little potty. My girl peed in the potty at 16 months and even shot out a tiny turd the other day! I actually am not ready for this so we just do it when she asks! Diapers for life!

    • Ha! We do have a little potty and she’s gone in it before. But only because she’s straining and we catch it in time. It’s not like she can communicate when she has to go yet. Either way, I agree…diapers for life!

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