These are my Confessions: Burnt Out Mom Edition

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1. Mama *finally* got her hair coloured! Bye bye grays. I mean, seriously, why did I wait so long? I literally became consumed with each individual hair and it was all I could see. When the colourist came up to me, the first thing she said was “Congrats on becoming a mom. You have a little girl, right?” And the second sentence she followed up with, was “I see she’s given you some grays.” Yep. They’ll do that to ya.


Yes I do realize it looks exactly the same. That’s what I was going for. Also, yes my phone case is custom made with a photo of my child. Yes, I’m that mom.

2. I’m scared to be alone with my daughter (especially after daycare if she hasn’t slept well). This isn’t a new revelation, but it’s something that I’ve just recently come to terms with. Hubby often works evenings and weekends, and when I know I’m going to be the sole caregiver, I actually get nervous. I don’t cope well with the tantrums. I’m weak. He handles her much better than I do. Usually I’ll run over to my parents if I know we’re going to be alone. Is this normal? (Don’t answer that) Please tell me I’m not the only mom who fears their child. She can be really difficult sometimes y’all. *Hangs head in shame*

3. I’m beyond conflicted about purchasing a toddler harness/leash thingy. We go away on vacay in two weeks, and I fear my little kamikaze child will cannonball into the pool without one. But by the same token, I don’t think I can get past the idea of putting my child on a leash. I really don’t. Sure we’ll have 5 sets of eyes (my parents and sister will be with us too), but her little legs are so damn fast. Please make my decision for me, because we all know I can’t make decisions.

4. Lately I’ve really let go of all my germophobe tendencies. It’s amazing how being a busy working mom means it’s okay to put a paci back in your child’s mouth after it’s dropped on the floor, or it’s okay to let your child eat dinner without washing their hands after a long day at daycare. Sometimes I just don’t think. I’ve got so many things in my head (to do lists, etc.), that sometimes basic cleanliness falls by the wayside. Please don’t judge me. I’m gross.

5. The words “Baby Gravol” have been tossed around when discussing how to get O through a 4 hour flight down south. (Don’t worry, I won’t actually do it. No CAS please.)

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