Peace Out Paci!

Baha…ya right. I can’t even type that title with a straight face.

Guess what guys? The paci stays.

This past week was O’s first week in the toddler room. She slept on the cot, she ate at the little table and chairs, and she played on the playground. She transitioned like a rock star. So why when I picked her up was I getting updates like this: “She had a good day…but…she needed the pacifier to sleep.” Umm, hello? I know you don’t know my kid yet, but are you surprised? She’s slept in a crib for 16.5 months of her life and all the sudden you expect her to fall asleep without a pacifier when you put her on a little piece of plastic on the floor? Let’s lower our expectations a bit.

Frankly, I’m not sure why the pacifier gets such a bad rap. It soothes my child when she’s upset. It will help her ears on the plane next week. It ensures she has crazy long naps on the weekend so I can get stuff done and unwind a little. According to the daycare director, they wean them off of them in the toddler room because they can supposedly cause speech delays. Well, that’s all well and great, but 1. O rarely uses one when she’s awake. Nor does she ask for it. And 2. She has over 50 words in her vocabulary and is starting to put two word sentences together. We don’t have issues with speech delay.

Basically what I’m saying is that I’m more than happy for O to have one until she’s 2. Heck, even until she’s 3. So we’ll see how things unfold at daycare, but I really don’t think I’ll be staying consistent with their policy when we’re at home.

Long live the soother!

(What’s your take on the pacifier? Do feel free to share!)

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2 thoughts on “Peace Out Paci!

  1. I am NEVER getting rid of the paci! That thing has saved our lives. I often ask people whose kids don’t use pacifiers how they stop their child from crying? Seriously. She uses it in the car and to sleep. Yes at day care on that cot. No one has ever mentioned it to me as an issue. I don’t care if she uses it until she is 3. We are in teething hell and she asks for it bc it soothes her. I had a friend tell me no one ever got married with a paci so I am going with that logic. Oh and my kid talks so much that people comment about it.

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