Parental Preference

This is how my daughter looks when she’s with me:


And this is how my daughter looks when she’s with her daddy:


Babycenter told me that it’s around this age where toddlers begin to show preference for one parent. They also told me not to take it personally, but Babycenter really just needs to shut the hell up, cuz I totally do. My kid loves her daddy and thinks I’m a cold bitch, and that is just not okay. I mean, I get it. Daddy is patient. Daddy is calm. Daddy is fun. Daddy is around a little bit more (he watches her Thursdays and often picks her up from daycare on evenings where I work late or go to the gym). Maybe daddy even smells a bit better. But just because I get it, doesn’t mean I like it. Not one bit.

When daddy goes out and O and I are alone, she’ll often cry as he leaves. She repeats “daddy daddy daddy daddy daddy” over and over and over until I think my head is going to explode. Her first two word sentence was “Where daddy?” And this is her most used sentence. When I wake her up in the morning, the first word out of her mouth is “daddy.” We haaaaaaaaaaave to go wake him up, or else she goes batshit crazy. Sometimes I ask for hugs and she screams “NO!”, and then daddy will ask for one and it’s a freaking lovefest up in this bitch. Denied. It’s not until I fake cry when she’ll come to me and give me a pity hug. I think it’s pretty clear who wins her vote.

Today I am feeling stabby and would like to stab whomever coined the term “Daddy’s Girl.” That is all.

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