Toddlers are Weird.

And stubborn. And quirky. And hilarious.

I don’t know about your kid, but mine has some of the strangest quirks ever. I thought I’d share some of the weirdest ones with you.

1. She’s super selective with her clothing. Like, so much so that we have to let her pick her outfits each morning. Remember, this child is only 18 months. She is WAY.TOO.YOUNG to be doing this already. She calls sweaters “pilers” and will pick out the piler she wants to wear that day. (And in case you’re wondering, she prefers zip ups and cardigans. She hates pullovers. She also has this one vest that’s way too small on her but she insists on wearing waaaaaaaaaaay too often even though it makes her look like a stuffed sausage.)

2. She will only eat certain foods out of their original containers. Particularly cereal. It *has* to be straight from the box, or else she won’t eat it. Same goes with bananas (must be in the peel), Larabars (must be shoved back into the wrapper if it falls out), raisins (must be in box or bag), etc. Because I’m not worried enough about ADHD, this little “quirk” is giving me major OCD vibes and freaking me out too.

3. She *really* loves to walk on her tippy toes these days. It makes her laugh hysterically. I guess that’s the natural progression of being able to walk for 5 months now. Gotta test out the pigeon toed waters.

4. She can perfectly harmonize to “Drunk in Love” with me (she sings the “naaaaa naaaa” and “looooooooove” parts), but can only sing up to the D in her ABCs.

5. She insists on wearing her boots or shoes in the house, but still continues to take them (and her socks) off in public.

6. She’s going through a major outerwear phase and insists on wearing her hat and gloves around the house. We keep it 24 degrees in here. Not normal.


At least she looks cute doing it.

Also, on a tangent, does anyone else feel like they’re never going to take their child to the park again at this rate? Worst winter ever, I hate you.


I shall title this photo “The Impaler.”


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2 thoughts on “Toddlers are Weird.

  1. My toddler does the same thing with picking out her clothes and wanting to wear things that are way too small. Although she has four other winter hats that fits, she will only wear her winter hat from last winter. It looks ridiculous. Aren’t their little personalities awesome?

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