What I Really Want for Mother’s Day

1. For “permission” from hubby to turn on the air conditioning in the house. Seriously. It’s effin hot up in this bitch.

2. For Gwyneth to shut up already. Her backpedaling on her previous statements about working moms makes me hate her even more. Just go away, please, please, for the love of all that is right in this world. Go away.

3. For my sick days to stop actually being for sickness. If it’s not O, it’s me, and really, I’m over it.

4. For another baby. You heard right. I’m really stinkin ready, but a certain someone isn’t on board yet. I’m tired of being told that he’s microwaved his testicles. You guys, this isn’t funny. Seriously. Stop laughing.

5. And last but definitely not least, for more time with this one.


I kind of love her.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible moms and moms-to-be out there! And of course to my selfless mother, who despite not being at her physical best right now, still gives her family all of herself, every day. I love you!

4 thoughts on “What I Really Want for Mother’s Day

  1. Burst out laughing at number 1. I have the opposite issue. My husband turns on the air when its turns 65 outside and its “effin” freezing!

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